Engage your patients in their care journey.

Our automated SMS and email platform allows you to deliver relevant information to your patients to support their preparation and recovery.

Engage your patients in their care journey.


Better communication to improve health outcomes.

Proactive communication with patients keeps them informed about the next steps in their treatment and the actions they can take to support their recovery. This can reduce the risk of complications and rehospitalizations, improve recovery rates, and ultimately contribute to better overall patient health.

Education and preparation

Help your patients understand the procedure or exam, and communicate their responsibilities to maximize their health outcomes.

Preoperative instructions

Prepare your patients by communicating to them in advance, and at the appropriate time, the preparation instructions: medication, fasting, cleaning, etc.

Adherence to treatment

Maximize patient recovery by engaging them when they return home: medication, exercise, bandage changes, wound care, etc.

Follow-up questionnaires

Send follow-up questionnaires to validate that your patients are well prepared, or in the process of recovery, and measure satisfaction and experience of care.


Automate the delivery of content to patients.

Connect your systems and electronic patient records. Create automatic triggers that deliver the right message to the right patients at the right time. Discover the possibilities of sending by care pathway, department, hospital, procedure, clinic and more.

Automatic rules


Reach your patients, where they are.

Optimize your message and document consultation rates by using transmission methods adapted to your patients

SMS and email

Automatically send text messages or emails to quickly engage your patients at every stage of their care trajectory.


Improve patient readiness and recovery by re-engaging with them.


Redirect your patients to the appropriate resources, documents or web pages for their procedure or exam.

Statistical analysis

Measure distribution and open rates to maximize your patient health outcomes.


Join us, without changing everything end to end.

In addition to clinical and hospital information systems, our platform easily integrates with your existing tools and processes: Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-On, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerBI connector, Excel exports and more.

Integrated environment


Security and privacy core to our operations.

Trust, security and privacy are Lime's priorities. Nothing is left to chance in order to protect your data during its entire life cycle.

Sécurité et confidentialité
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